Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Words Of True Love

Articles Words of Love contains a collection of words of love. Enjoy ...!

The biggest mistakes in love is when one loves the other more than he loves himself. They were cursing love, real love they crave. Just because it never disappointed, it does not mean can not be happy. The happy person is one who can accept and love himself in all its shortcomings.

No matter how many times you get hurt by love, trust me, there's someone out there who will heal you and happy for you. Love is when you have convinced yourself that you have forgotten it, but you still find yourselves cared for him. Relationships that will last a long time is a relationship built on love, responsibility, understanding, and complementary.

When falling in love, everything is so blurred, we can not see what others see, but time will bring us. No one can afford to buy true love. He did not come to you, he is in your heart. Only a sincere heart that can feel. Love and genuine affection unnecessary evidenced by the number of words, but it would look with an attitude, loyalty. No human being is perfect. But when you fall in love, someone who is not perfect will look perfect in your eyes.

 Love means giving, give love, give attention. And love does not demand or curb. Jg Sometimes, problems that ordinary into the extraordinary, just because you are to love those who are less precise. Sometimes, something ordinary can be extraordinary, just because you do it with the right person. Well, that love. You can lose the dispatcher you love, you have lost something, but do not ever lose yourself. If it continues to hurt, do not be afraid to take it off.

You never know if he had been waiting to love you, so much better.